Miss Colorado to Dr. Oz: Criticism is a blessing

Posted at 2:37 PM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 16:37:10-04

Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson is getting more national attention, and appeared on the 'Dr. Oz Show' Monday afternoon saying that some of the controversy surrounding her performance during the talent portion of the Miss America pageant has been a "blessing in disguise."

Johnson, the second-runner up in the competition, gave a monologue about being a nurse shared a story about an Alzheimer's patient who made her realize the importance of her profession -- that she was more than "just a nurse." Her speech has gotten more than 5 million of views on YouTube.

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Johnson's speech was criticized on social media and on "The View," but thousands of fellow nurses united and the outpouring of support has launched a national conversation about nursing.

"It's actually been a blessing in disguise because so many people now are talking about how much we do and how educated we are and how much we care," Johnson told Dr. Oz.

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Johnson said she used to believe nurses were under-appreciated, but the support she's received has changed her mind.

"I don’t think so anymore," she said. "I think that there are so many people that do thank their nurses and do appreciate their nurses."

Dr. Oz dedicated Monday's episode to nurses, and filled his studio audience with nurses in uniform.

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"I've been frustrated over the negative comments made because, (during) my entire career, I've stood in total awe over all the things nurses do," Dr. Oz said. "Not only are they the lifesavers of our communities, they're the backbone of the medical community. And the front lines of your care. Today, nurses, we've got your back."

The co-hosts of "The View" apologized for comments about Miss Colorado, and invited nurses on their show last week. Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best pulled ads from the program over the controversy.

Dr. Oz air on 7NEWS at 2 p.m.

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