Escaped Illinois murder suspect Turhan Robinson recaptured at cemetery in Wheat Ridge

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Wheat Ridge Police confirm an Illinois murder suspect who escaped overnight was recaptured at an area cemetery.

Turhan Robinson, 37, escaped in Wheat Ridge Friday early morning from a private transportation company. Police said Inmate Services was transporting Robinson from Las Vegas to Illinois when the transportation crew stopped at a truck stop on 44th Avenue at 2:19 a.m.

Robinson got away with his wrists cuffed and a shackle on his left leg, but authorities have not released any other details on how he got away.

The inmate was tracked by a K-9, but the man's scent disappeared.

Robinson was recaptured, police confirmed, in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, along 44th Avenue at Interstate 70. He surrendered without incident to deputies who were dispatched after a man walking his dog in the area reported seeing Robinson hiding under a tree near the railroad tracks on the northwest corner of the cemetery. Police said Robinson had somehow shed his handcuffs but was still wearing the leg shackle.

A 7NEWS check found a Turhan Robinson was wanted in the shooting death of a man in Illinois when he was arrested in an alleged drug-related robbery in Las Vegas.

"A Reverse 911 recorded call has gone out to residents of the area warning to keep doors and windows locked and to call 911 to report any suspicious activity," Wheat Ridge Police said.

Robinson is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, 180 pounds and wears his hair in cornrows. He was wearing a black shirt over a white tank top and khaki shorts.

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