Auto theft suspect shot and killed by undercover CSP trooper near Denver Ramada

DENVER - An auto theft suspect was shot and killed Friday afternoon by a undercover officer belonging to the Colorado State Patrol's auto theft unit.

The suspect was transported to Denver Health  in critical condition, but died at the hospital,  Denver police said. He has not been identified.

The shooting occurred around 1:45 p.m. in front of the Ramada Plaza at 4849 Bannock Street. Police quickly shut down Bannock between 48th and 51st as part of the investigation.

Denver police said CSP troopers in plain clothes made contact with the suspect at the motel. They tried to arrest him but he did not cooperate. He tried to run and pulled a gun, police said. That's when a trooper fired and shot the suspect in the chest.

The officer was not hurt.

Denver police officers converged at the hotel and checked other rooms at the Ramada, looking for additional suspects. Officers rounded up men who were walking around the motel or driving into the parking lot. AIRTRACKER7 showed several officers holding their guns out as men held their hands up and were taken into custody.

Denver police said later that none of those men were involved and have since been cleared.

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