Obama, Romney campaigns fight over female voters

DENVER - The fight over women voters in Campaign 2012 continued in Denver Friday.

President Barack Obama's campaign held an event in the Highlands focusing on women business owners. Governor Mitt Romney's campaign held an event hours later focusing on the economy.

A University of Denver political analyst told 7News women lean disproportionately Democratic. In Colorado, women more than men favor President Obama slightly.

"What the President is trying to do is build on that lead and Romney's goal is to try and win back some of those voters," political analyst Peter Hanson said. "This is a very close race, every vote counts."

Both campaigns have used phone banks, home gatherings and rallies to entice women voters.

During the Obama event Friday, former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy spoke of the President's help for small business owners and the economy. She cited several reasons why "Obama is the clear choice" to her.

"Healthcare is a huge priority for women. Many women care for sick children, they're caring for ailing parents, so access to affordable healthcare is enormously important," Kennedy said. "Also women's right to choose and make their own healthcare decisions is a very important contrast in this election."

Romney's campaign said his policies helped the Massachusetts economy. Deputy Director of Coalition for Women for Romney Courtney Johnson said women care about jobs, and Romney has proven he can help.

"Governor Romney respects women. He respects their opinions and he knows they are an important part of families and the economy, and he wants to help them and all Americans create jobs," Johnson said. "He has a history of putting women in key positions and listening to them."

Both candidates will be at the University of Denver next Wednesday for the first 2012 presidential debate.


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