Nuggets, Avalanche miss playoffs: A look at Denver's history of winning and losing

Nuggets, Avalanche miss playoffs: A look at Denver's history of winning and losing
Posted at 3:17 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 17:17:26-04

DENVER — In just a weekend, two professional Denver teams both sealed their fates: The Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets will not play past their final regular season game. 

The Avalanche lost Sunday, ending their season, and the Nuggets saw themselves knocked out of the playoffs. With the hopes of thousands of fans dashed, many are looking to other professional teams for consolation.

But is there consolation to be found in Denver? Denver7 took a look back at the history of winning and losing in Denver.

A look back at large professional teams which have played in Colorado since at least the 1990s showed only two franchises hold winning all-time records: The Broncos and the Avalanche (when not including ties). 

Both organizations also proved to be the most decorated, when looking back at their history of play. Without further ado, here's a look back at the teams you can look to for repeated success: 

The Denver Broncos

In terms of championships, no team bested the Broncos, which own three Super Bowl Championships, and the most recent championship for the City of Denver. 

The Broncos have won a total of 465 games, lost 393 games and tied 10 games when not including playoff games. That's a winning record of .542 percent.

In addition to the three championships, the team owns eight AFC Championships.

Clearly, if you want to bank on a team to have a winning season, the Broncos aren't a bad bet. 

The Colorado Avalanche

Yes, the Avs were just eliminated and will go through a possibly tumultuous offseason, but the organization has a winning history. Without considering ties, the Avs own a record of .571 percent. The team has won a total of 845 games compared to 635 losses, with 101 ties to the team's name. 

Avalanche teams have won two Stanley Cups and been conference champions twice, but the team has only made the playoffs three times in the past 10 years. 

With such a winning history, it shouldn't be long before the Avalanche are back to their winning ways. 

The Colorado Rockies

The Rox have the worst winning percentage of any major Colorado team, but they've also played the most games. What saves the Rockies is their League Pennant, earned in the 2007 season. 

Of the thousands of games played by this MLB franchise, the team has won 1709 in regular season play, losing just under 2,000 games. That's a .466 regular season record. It's worth it to point out that there's only a handful of teams with winning all-time records in all of MLB.

Although in total, the Rockies have only owned winning records in six seasons, the Rockies are on a roll currently, and the hype around the team is high. 

Seeing as the Rockies have a long season ahead of them, there's reason to be optimistic about the team. 

The Denver Nuggets

Throughout time, professional basketball teams in Colorado own a .497 percent record, boasting a record of 1967 wins to just about 2,000 losses. 

That combines both the Denver Rockets, which played in the ABA, and the Denver Nuggets, a later iteration of that same team. 

If looking at the record of the Nuggets, one will find a host of playoff appearances, but no NBA championships or conference championships. 

The Nuggets record for regular seasons is 1530 wins to 1620 losses. That's a .486 percent record.

The Colorado Rapids 

It's very worth mentioning the Colorado Rapids, the professional soccer (football) team of the Centennial State. The team has a record of 248 wins to 276 losses, but has found success in the past.

The team found greatest success as a unit in 2010 when players brought the MLS (Major League Soccer) cup to Denver for the first time ever.

The young organization certainly has a bright future. 

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