Not as fun as we used to be? Colorado drops several spots on list of most ‘fun' states

Posted at 10:20 AM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 12:20:46-04

DENVER – Either Colorado has lost some of its mojo or other states are starting to up their game -- our fair state has fallen several spots on a list of the most “fun” states.

The ranking, from financial services website WalletHub, puts Colorado in 8th place. Last year, we ranked third.

What makes a state “fun”? WalletHub looked at things like nightlife and entertainment, counting the number of casinos, bars, national parks, skiing facilities, restaurants, amusement parks and golf courses per capita, among other metrics. 

The title of “most fun” went to California this year, followed by New York. Last year’s winner, Nevada, came in third.

1.    California
2.    New York
3.    Nevada
4.    Florida
5.    Illinois
6.    Washington
7.    Texas
8.    Colorado
9.    Pennsylvania
10.    Minnesota

South Dakota, which ranked second ahead of Colorado last year, slipped all the way to 24th place this time around. 

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