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No working elevators at Columbine Towers high-rise apartments

Management says supply chain issues slowing repairs
Posted: 10:31 PM, Jul 02, 2022
Updated: 2022-07-03 00:31:30-04
Elevators at Columbine Towers Apartments in Denver

DENVER — Several residents at the Columbine Towers apartments in Denver have reached out to Contact Denver7, as they go on two weeks without working elevators in their 15-story building. It is more than just an inconvenience, they said—it’s also putting elderly and less-mobile residents in danger.

“It’s a life threatening situation,” said resident Brian McElvy. “People are having to take breaks—they put chairs out—coming down the stairs.”

“I’ve had to climb up and down the stairs because I have a dog, and I have bad knees and stuff,” echoed fellow resident Cheryl Samain.

According to residents who to spoke to Denver7, both elevators have been out of operation since Sunday, June 19, 2022. This is the first time both have been down at the same time; however, they said, each have recurring problems and malfunctions are common.

One man using a wheelchair—who asked we not publish his identity—said working elevators are absolutely essential at his residence. He lives on an upper floor of Columbine Towers.

“I need to be able to come freely and go freely,” he said. “I’m basically confined in my apartment. I can’t just go to the grocery store like I’ve been wanting to do. I can’t just go on a drive like I want to do. My freedom has been taken away because of these elevators.”

No working elevators at Columbine Towers high-rise apartments

Denver7 reached out to the property’s management regarding this issue. We are told the same piece in the braking system of each elevator malfunctioned.

“Our staff has diligently contacted and is working with our Elevator vendor that holds the Maintenance contract and an Elevator Consultant to rush the process of repairs,” said regional manager Ella Mendez. “Due to supply chain shortages, and delays in shipping, the repair is taking longer than expected. We do have an estimated date of repair to take place Friday, July 8th.”

In the meantime, management has instructed its 24-hour security guards to help residents up and down the stairs, and has delivered groceries to residents who are less mobile. We are also told the due date for rent checks has been extended until one week after both elevators are working once again; but, residents will be expected to pay the normal full amount.

“I just wish they could do some more about it, you know, and look over the people here and care about us,” said Cheryl Samain.