No more movement detected after Grand Mesa mudslide

COLLBRAN, Colo. - Ground sensors and cameras haven't detected any further shifts after a massive landslide in western Colorado killed three people last month.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported officials are monitoring a 7- to 10- acre pond that formed behind a ridge of debris in the area, but the flow of water into the pond has slowed.

Dam experts are studying the advisability of creating a channel to release the water.

Crews have installed eight monitoring devices in the pond including two cameras, a pressure transducer and two rain gauges.

"This area remains critical while snow melt continues (estimated through early July)," officials said on the Mesa County website.

The 2.7-mile-long slide occurred May 25 on Grand Mesa about 40 miles east of Grand Junction.

The slide killed 46-year-old Melvin Wesley Hawkins, 51-year-old Clarence Allen "Clancy" Nichols and Nichols' 24-year-old son, Daniel Allen Nichols.

Their bodies haven't been found.

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