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New Netflix show “How to Build a Sex Room” was filmed in Denver with local couples

The spicy show features a swanky sex dungeon and plenty of other R-rated home design
Posted at 9:12 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 23:12:23-04

Let’s talk about sex (rooms), baby.

That’s what one of Netflix’s newest original shows sets out to do — in Denver. “How to Build a Sex Room,” which premiered on the streaming platform on July 8, follows 11 couples and a single woman as interior designer Melanie Rose comes in to help spice up their sex lives with rooms filled with specialty furniture and other decor designed to fulfill fantasies and fetishes.

The R-rated show’s eight-episode first season was filmed last year in Denver by Denver-based production company High Noon Entertainment, and all of the guests are from the metro area.

They include couple Taylor and Ajay, who are looking for “a rock ‘n’ roll sex basement”; Hannah and Wesley’s “shower sex” shower; and Lester and Soriya’s “swanky dungeon.”

“Denver offered the best mix of personalities and interests for this show,” High Noon executive producer and president Scott Feeley said in a statement, adding that the show’s creators put out a casting call to cities across the country, and Denver quickly became the obvious choice.

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