New law gives ease to dog sitters using online services

DENVER -- Pet sitters who watch dogs to bring in extra income can do so without any worry.

State lawmakers passed HB 1228 which legalizes online pet-sitting services. People can earn extra money using sites like, DogVacay, Fetch and PetSitters. The online companies allow people to search for pet sitters.

The new law allows these pet sitters to have up to three dogs, not including their own.

"Some days we're booked like the whole month solid," said Dave Marucheau.

Marucheau watches over other people's dogs using He said he usually takes in an extra pup to bring in extra money, earning $500 a month.

The site is like Uber for dog walking and watching.

"We probably wouldn't continue doing Rover if we had to do more regulating the steps to do it," Marucheau said.

The bill took effect on June 5.




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