New details of Lookout Mountain chase contained in affidavit for arrest of Christopher Sullivan

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Thousands have watched helicopter video of a tense chase and arrest that ended in the middle of Interstate 70. That 10-minute video, however, only shows the tail end of a two-hour crime spree detailed in newly-released documents.

Christopher David Sullivan's arrest on the crowded interstate was watched by thousands on TV and the Internet. He is currently being held on $1 million bond, having made his first court appearance Thursday.

Friday, 7NEWS obtained the four-page arrest affidavit that details Sullivan's alleged crimes.

-- How the chase began --

The chase lasted over two hours, beginning at about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and ending with Sullivan's arrest around 4:40 p.m.

7NEWS previously reported that the case began when Sullivan and a teenage girl were pulled over while driving an old Ford Crown Victoria. The newly-released affidavit says that a deputy took notice of the car because it appeared to have law-enforcement equipment, including a spotlight on the driver's side, antennas on the roof and what appeared to be emergency lights on the dashboard.

The deputy checked the car's Arizona license plate and found it was, "not valid for highway use."

According to the affidavit, the car crept slowly along the road, eventually stopping at the intersection of Paradise Road and Cabrini Boulevard. The driver allegedly failed to use his signal before making a right turn there, and the deputy who was following pulled him over.

Sullivan allegedly handed the deputy a Massachusetts driver's license bearing the name Christopher Blair and said he was a bail enforcement agent working for "Bandit Bail Bonds." But when the deputy checked the license against the database, the affidavit says no matching records were found.

Identifying information for the teenage passenger is redacted from the affidavit, but it does note that Sullivan "appeared to be nervous" when the deputies spoke to her.

"She spoke very quietly and her arms were shaking as she sat in the passenger seat," the document states.

After additional deputies arrived to help and approached the car, Sullivan allegedly started the vehicle and drove off despite shouts demanding he "stop."

-- The first carjacking --

Deputies gave chase up Highway 40 and then Lookout Mountain Road, where several firefighters were standing in the driveway of their station house.

"They said they saw it speeding through the area north on Lookout Mountain Road," the document states.

Only a minute later, dispatchers radioed that a blue Subaru Outback was carjacked at Lookout Mountain Park. When a deputy arrived, he saw the Crown Victoria parked in the middle of the road.

The husband, wife and two children who had been in the Outback stated their car was stolen at gunpoint.

The man said, "he was driving with his family on Lookout Mountain Road when the suspect car pulled into their lane to head off their rental car, forcing them to stop suddenly."

According to the affidavit, Sullivan and the teenager both exited the Crown Victoria and yelled for the family to exit the Outback. When they didn't immediately get out, the pair allegedly ordered them out at gunpoint, then took the car and continued up Lookout Mountain.

Later, after he was arrested, Sullivan allegedly commented on the family.

"He said that the family of the Subaru he stole were going to be traumatized for life," the affidavit states.

-- Another 911 call --

Deputies set up roadblocks, but the suspects evaded them until about 3:38 p.m. At that time, dispatchers radioed that a resident had called 911 to report a male and female had tried to break into his house at gunpoint and had pointed a rifle at him.

The affidavit states that the teenager had originally knocked on the door, saying she had been in an accident and needed help. The homeowner said he would call 911, and then the male suspect appeared saying he was also injured.

When the homeowner picked up the phone to dial, the affidavit says Sullivan raised his rifle and told him to put the phone down. Sullivan also allegedly broke a window with the rifle but the homeowner ran away and called 911 from his garage.

Sullivan allegedly commented in the hospital that "he scared the man who slammed the door on him and whose window he broke out."

He also asked how the homeowner was doing.

-- The second stolen car --

Dispatchers radioed at 3:50 p.m. about a pickup being stolen and later crashed in the area of Chock Cherry and Mistletoe Road. According to the document, deputies later interviewed the man who said it was stolen from him while he got out to open a gate.

Then, at about 4:04 p.m., a Sheriff's Office lieutenant reported shots were fired in the area of 24401 Mount Vernon Rd. He and another lieutenant had witnessed the suspect try to carjack another vehicle.

According to the document, Sullivan pointed his rifle at the SUV as the driver put it in reverse, then turned it toward the lieutenants. Lieutenant Shawn Allen opened fire, the document states, as Sullivan allegedly fired at a Sheriff's Office vehicle.

Deputies later learned that the man driving the SUV had earlier stopped to help the owner of the stolen truck and they had driven together to the scene where the truck had crashed.

-- The arrests --

Sullivan and the teenager both ran after the gunfire. She was caught first, while AIRTRACKER7 recorded her arrest from above.

But as thousands of people have now seen, the chase was not yet over for the suspect later identified by Sullivan. Still carrying his rifle and handgun, he entered the garage of a home on Rockland Road and stole a GMC Envoy, driving it out through the closed garage door.

Sullivan drove it down a dirt road parallel to Highway 40 before getting stuck in a ditch and running toward Interstate 70, according to the affidavit and video from AIRTRACKER7.

On the interstate, Deputy Fred Haggett was riding a motorcycle and drew his weapon. Haggett ordered Sullivan to the ground, but the helicopter video shows he did not immediately comply.

The suspect laid down his weapons but kept running down the road, weaving between cars that stopped short, until Haggett grabbed his shirt and pulled him down.

At a news conference on Thursday, Haggett said he was simply following his training.

"I ended up being the guy on the spot," Haggett said. "It's training and reaction. It was fortuitous it was me. So many agencies were there. Anyone of those other officers would have done the same."

After the arrest, Sullivan was taken to Saint Anthony's Hospital and then to jail. If he is formally charged with the counts listed on the affidavit, he will face 12 felony counts.

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