Mountain lion warning for Coal Creek Canyon area after several dog attacks

Residents in Coal Creek Canyon are being warned to be on the lookout for mountain lions and to not let their pets out unattended.

Coal Creek Canyon is where Highway 72 cuts through the foothills between Golden and Boulder.

"A large Rottweiler was killed on Circle Drive last week, and two dogs were badly injured at 9000 ft. on Coal Creek Heights," local resident Jan Waddington wrote in a post shared by the local fire department.

Waddington said one incident was at dawn, the other at dusk.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife said it has received reports that 7 or 8 dogs have been taken by a mountain lion since November, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.

"We think this mountain lion is keying in on pets," Churchill said. "We are going to try and trap this animal."

Churchill said wildlife officers don't trap every mountain lion that has taken one or two pets, but officials are concerned that this mountain lion is attacking pets instead of its normal prey.

Churchill said wildlife officers plan to relocate the mountain lion and will put a radio collar on the animal to track it.

Residents are being encouraged to report mountain lion attacks to Colorado parks and Wildlife at 303-291-7227.

Colorado Parks & Wildfire put up a sign last month outside Coal Creek Fire Station #1 that said, "mountain lion active in area."

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has several recommendations about living with mountain lions.

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