Mother's murder in Castle Rock is linked to a domestic violence kidnapping near Limon

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - Law enforcement are reluctant to reveal who they have in custody in a weekend murder and attempted suicide case in Castle Rock.

Police say a mother of five was killed by her estranged husband at her brother's home on Saturday. Family and friends on Facebook identify the mother as Kirsten Russell Lockett.

Police said the estranged husband attempted suicide and was taken to a hospital for surgery. As of Tuesday afternoon, Richard Lockett appeared on the Douglas County inmate roster. He was booked at 3:40 p.m., but he was being held on four charges out of Lincoln County.

7NEWS obtained an arrest warrant from Lincoln County that showed Rick Lockett is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his wife in the early morning of July 13. It also showed he was wanted for second-degree assault and burglary.

Kirsten Lockett told police that she was asleep at her home in Lincoln County, east of Limon, when she woke up to Rick Lockett pressing a gun to her head. She told investigators that she was dragged to his truck and forced into the sleeper area.

"Rick told Kirsten to get on the bed and put her hands behind her back, Rick then placed plastic zip ties around each (of) Kristen's wrists and one connecting them. Rick then restrained Kirsten's ankles with one zip tie."

"Rick told Kirsten that if they get pulled over she better close the curtain and remain quite (sic) or he will shoot the cop then her."

He talked about their marriage, according to the warrant, and was "threatening to kill her, then threatening to commit suicide."

She said she was then sexually assaulted by him.

She had a restraining order against him during this incident.

The warrant ends with, "Richard is believed to be a flight risk and may constitute substantial risk to the community and public safety."

Castle Rock Police said they expect to be able to reveal the names involved in the weekend murder, attempted suicide on Wednesday or Thursday.

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