Mother of missing woman, Lea Porter, posts emotional message on Facebook

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - A heartbroken mother of a missing woman has written an emotional message on Facebook.

"Lea is still missing," Rene Jackson wrote. "They have been at the landfill now for 30 days, with very little success."

Lea is Lea Porter. The 19-year-old was reported missing June 5.

Porter was from Pueblo. Investigators said she came to Westminster to visit Christopher Waide, an old friend from high school.

However, Porter's boyfriend, Jesse Mine, disputes that. He says they barely knew each other and that Porter only went to Waide's place to pass some time before meeting another friend.

Porter's car was found abandoned at Waide's apartment building. Waide was questioned, then arrested June 12.

But Porter's body has not been found.

Her mother wrote about the search on Facebook, "I have first hand knowledge of the painstaking search, and the dedicated and wonderful people at the landfill who have been so carefully, and with their hearts on their sleeves, looking for our Lea."

Rene Jackson said she is beginning to feel discouraged.

"I just want my Lea back," Jackson wrote. "I'm afraid when I think that maybe we'll never find her. I don't know how to live with that. I don't know how other families live with that."

Jackson also mentioned the man arrested in the case and his family.

"I wonder how Christopher Waide's family feels about what their son did, as they were aware of the fantasies and thoughts he had. I wonder why, as they claim to be Christian folks, won't they go shake the truth out of their son," Jackson wrote. "I don't understand any of this! A minute of pleasure or fantasy fulfillment for Christopher Waide took my daughter, and my sons sister away from us forever! SICK, SICK, SICK!"

Waide is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in September, according to the Canon City Daily Record newspaper.

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