Mother, Lisa Lesyshen, pleads guilty to shooting 9-year-old son to death, gets 40 years in prison

Routt County woman had learned of husband's affair

DENVER - A Routt County woman pleaded guilty Monday to murdering her 9-year-old son and was immediately sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Authorities say Lisa Lesyshen shot her son, Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan, and then shot herself last year spring in the family's home outside Steamboat Springs.

Michael Kirlan, the defendant's husband and Asher's father, previously testified that the shooting happened after he admitted to Lisa that he was having an affair. Kirlan said his wife was angry and anxious about money, realizing that the couple was facing divorce.

Kirlan said he assured his wife that he would not abandon her and their child.

Yet, Kirlan said he was awakened about 3 a.m. on May 29, 2013 after hearing a loud noise and then another. Kirlan testified that he ran upstairs and saw his wife leaving son's room saying, "I don’t know what just happened in there."

The father found the boy bleeding and called 911. Meanwhile, Lisa Lesyshen shot herself in the neck --- an injury that left her legs paralyzed, authorities said.

Lesyshen's case has been heard in Denver District Court because of her ongoing medical treatment in a secured facility at Denver Health Medical Center.

On Monday, Routt County District Court Judge Michael O’Hara III, accepted the 47-year-old Lesyshen's plea to second-degree murder in a Denver courtroom.

Routt County District Attorney Brett D. Barkey said, "After consulting with the victim's family and the investigating agencies, I concluded that this agreement was the best way to bring this tragic case to a close. Our hope is that this outcome brings some measure of justice to Asher and his family."

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