Human bones found at Edwards dirt collection site after skull found in dirt from Vail

Dirt came from Vail where skull found earlier

EDWARDS, Colo. - Human bones have been found at a dirt collection site in Edwards, where a skull was found last week.

Dirt at the collection site came from a construction site in Vail.

Construction was suspended on Thursday, following the discovery of a human skull and a femur during excavation work on the site. The skull was discovered from a load that was taken to a dirt storage area in Edwards while the femur was located at the construction site in Vail.

During recovery of the skull on Friday, a jawbone and four vertebrae were collected from the Edwards site. Seven detection dogs and their handlers representing law enforcement agencies in Denver as well as Elbert, Garfield and Jefferson counties worked the sites on Saturday, to assist with the search. The K-9 teams are trained in finding human remains.

Approximately 70 percent of the skeleton was recovered Monday while investigators were following up on search areas identified on Saturday by a team of recovery dogs.

The soil in Edwards originated from the excavation of a utility easement at the Lionshead Inn redevelopment site, at 705 W. Lionshead Circle in Vail.  According to records provided by the Town of Vail, utilities were originally installed at the site in 1967. Since then, numerous permits for work within the easement have been processed through the years.

Eagle County Coroner Kara Bettis says the additional remains will help with the likelihood of a positive identification, as well as the investigation into the cause and manner of death.

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