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Money raised, world records broken by Colorado native

Posted at 12:23 PM, Aug 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 13:32:57-04

Josh Cassaday's been an athlete all of his life.

He went to high school at Smoky Hill, played college basketball at South Dakota State, but he didn't find his calling until picking up a driver.

"I was always able to hit the golf ball far," says Cassaday. "Then I found Long Drive, went to a competition in Salt Lake City, almost qualified for the world championships there and it's been history ever since. It's been a fun path, I've been able to travel the world hitting that golf ball."

He's traveled the world both competing and raising money for various charities.

"I do close to 50 charity events a year all across the country," says Cassaday. One of his favorites is the Boys and Girls Club here in Denver.

He returned home to the Cherry Creek Country Club to continue his charitable efforts, acting as a celebrity substitute driver on hole number eight. Josh raised nearly $10,000 in one day for the Boys and Girls Club.

But his focus on the course was two-fold: raise money, and break world records.

Earlier in the year he'd spent some time researching obscure golf-related world records through Guinness, and he settled on five to chase down:

- Longest drive kneeling
- Longest drive with a putter
- Longest drive backwards
- Longest club throw
- Fastest ball speed off a tee

"I think I have to be above .500," says Cassaday. "If I walk out of here and I broke three records out of those five it's a win for the day."

Josh shattered even his own expectations, breaking five of the six records. Longest drive kneeling he crushed at 375 yards - longest drive with a putter he also destroyed, driving 313 yards.

Longest drive backwards was the one he was most concerned about prior to attempting to break it, but he managed to muscle up a new world record at 343 yards.

And longest club throw, he Happy Gilmore'd his way to a new record at 83 yards.

The only one he was unable to break was fastest ball speed, which may have been a testament to spending all day taking swings for charity before attempting the world records.

Fans can also check out Josh's world record attempts on a new social media app called Tsū.

“Check out the world record attempts yourself, on a new app I’ve been using the past few months called Tsū," says Cassaday. "The reason I chose to go with Tsu is because they allow me to gain control over my brand from a monetization standpoint. I’ve been on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and the revenue wasn’t there for the content that I was posting. Tsū is creative a platform that allows everyone to gain 50% of the advertising revenue.”