Mint suspends sale of JFK gold coin at retail centers after crowd trampled in Denver morning rush

7NEWS finds some in line paid to be there

DENVER - The U.S. Mint said it is suspending sales of its 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin at its retail locations to ensure the safety of those wanting to purchase the coin and the safety of their own employees. 

This after 7NEWS caught people on video being pushed and trampled as hundreds rushed to get in line at the U.S. Mint in Denver at 6 a.m. Thursday.

The Mint also suspended sales of the coin at its retail locations in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia as it looks into ways to improve the situation for the next sale.

7NEWS confirmed that several people in line Thursday were being paid by casting directors and coin buyers to be there.

Jennifer DeBroekert, a public affairs specialist with the Denver Mint, said they had no idea that was happening and "don't condone the actions of the coin dealers, or whoever it was, to get people to stand in line."

"It was unethical, but not illegal," DeBroekert added.

In a news release, the Mint said it has all the necessary raw materials to initially produce 75,000 of the coins, and that it will continue to procure additional materials in order to fulfill all demand for the product.     

"The Mint is very proud to have produced over 40,000 of these beautiful coins," said Deputy Director Dick Peterson.  "We will continue to produce 6,000 of the coins per week for the next several weeks and continue to assess demand.  We are committed to maximizing access to these products."

Those still interested in purchasing the coin were encouraged to visit the Mint's website ( or contact the call center at 800-USA-MINT, where they can purchase up to five coins per household.

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