Millions of email addresses stolen in hacks: How to check to see if your email is included

DENVER — Chances are one of your email addresses has been compromised and you don't even know it. Thankfully, resources exist to help you learn if your online accounts are in danger.

According to the experts who have put together, over 711 million email addresses have been compromised. The database includes just those email addresses that have been harvested and the scarier list of email addresses that were harvested along with their passwords.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, if you have an email address, there's a good chance it has been compromised. And if it has been there's only course of action: Change your password.

CHECK | Tap here and check to see if your email address is in the database of hacked email addresses. 

For those wary of the site, the apprehension is commendable. Fortunately, it's run by a benevolent web security expert. He began cataloging hundreds of breaches and helping out victims in 2013.

Tom Hunt has made national headlines for his work, which is credited with tipping off victims who may otherwise have been hacked. 

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