Mark Udall, Cory Gardner raised $5.8M in second quarter for U.S. Senate race in Colorado

DENVER - The two major candidates in Colorado's U.S. Senate race are raising a lot of money.

Incumbent Mark Udall announced Monday that his campaign raised $3.1 million in the second quarter of the year. His campaign manager boasted in a memo that the Democrat would set a record for the most money raised in a Colorado Senate race.

Udall's challenger is Rep. Cory Gardner. Last week he announced that his campaign raised $2.7 million. He only entered the race in late February.

The race has already featured millions of dollars in ads by outside groups. Republicans need to pick up six senate seats to win control of the chamber.

Three other candidates have petitioned to get on the ballot in the Senate race -- Bill Hammons (Unity Party), Steve Shogan (unaffiliated) and Raúl Acosta (unaffiliated).

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