Report: Hundreds of pot food safety violations documented during 2014

DENVER - Hundreds of food-safety violations at edible marijuana manufacturers are documented in Denver inspection records since the start of the year.

According to our partners at The Denver Post's Cannabist, the inspection records show 237 critical violations related to foodborne illnesses at 107 facilities. They also found 53 non-critical violations.

The newspaper compiled the critical and non-critical violations into a map that shows the one manufacturer with the most violations is Green Cross Colorado, located at 660 N. Bryant St.

Another manufacturer in the top 10 for violations, Advanced Medical Alternatives at 1269 N. Elati Street, was required to recall their products in July. The Denver Department of Environmental Health found the business was using a corroded and moldy clothes washing machine to process marijuana.

The business was "ordered to cease and desist the use of the domestic washing machine for all types of marijuana extractions, specifically the cold water extraction of marijuana (bubble hash) used as an ingredient in any marijuana-infused product meant for oral consumption."

Despite that order, the document says the business was issued temporary approval to use the Bubble Magic Machine for the production of bubble hash until Sept. 22.  The owner, A.J. Ashkar, said a permanent food-safe machine intended for the purpose does not yet exist.

See The Denver Post's map of the violations and read what Denver Department of Environmental Health had to say.

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