Marijuana sales hit $100 million in August in Colorado

DENVER - People spent more than $100 million dollars on marijuana in one month in Colorado.

That's a new record high. And if the trend continues, sales will set another new record next month, and the month after that, and on and on.

In August, recreational marijuana sales totaled $59.2 million and medical marijuana sales came in at $41.4 million, according to sales data from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Colorado collected more than $13 million total in taxes, licenses and fees on marijuana in August 2015. That's up 70 percent from August 2014.

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"Total marijuana tax revenue includes the 2.9% retail and medical marijuana sales tax, 10% retail marijuana special sales tax, 15% marijuana excise tax, and retail/medical marijuana application and license fees," the Department of Revenue website states.  

Recreational marijuana sales began on Jan. 1, 2014 in Colorado after voters passed Amendment 64.

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