Hundreds of 'newcomers' expected to apply to open retail marijuana shops in Colorado under new law

Only medical dispensary owners could apply before

DENVER - Colorado could soon see even more retail pot shops pop up, due to a new change in the law.

Until now, only people who already owned medical marijuana shops were able to apply to open retail stores.

As of Tuesday, “newcomers” will be allowed to apply for a license. Applicants must be Colorado residents.

Our partners at the Denver Post report 292 people have filed notices that they will apply for licenses.

Finding a place to open a new shop may be the real challenge for new applicants. Denver is putting a hold on applications from newcomers until 2016. The state’s second largest city, Colorado Springs, has a ban on retail marijuana shops. Aurora only plans to allow 24 stores within city limits.

New recreational marijuana shops would be able to open in October.


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