Combat veterans provide security, transport cash for marijuana businesses "There is always a threat"

DENVER - Drugs, money and guns are all involved in the daily operations of  Big Al's Security Team in Colorado.

"We want to stay low key, have our guys stay low key, and keep everything safe for the whole (marijuana) industry," said Al, the owner of Big Al's Security.

Trained employees plan and carry out secure cash runs for marijuana based business clients. 

"All the guys that do the cash runs are prior military, combat vets. We implement all our procedures just like we did in the military," said Al.

"We can take it to the next level without hesitation," said an employee who works for Al's Security running cash for marijuana businesses.  "Anonymity is our biggest, that’s our biggest ally, that’s our best friend out here. Because if anybody knew who we were, then that just takes, that takes a huge advantage away from us." 

Al's company began providing security for marijuana business after an armored transport company cut ties, refusing to move pot profits.  Al said the demand for secure cash transport services has grown with the marijuana industry.

"All the clients that we have, have been referral based and word of mouth. Our main focus is keeping, especially the cash transports, very discreet, and our operations, and that’s why we’re successful at it," explained Al. "We just look like an average Joe walking in a dispensary, maybe a consumer. But little do they know that we’re picking up lots of money and transporting it too."

Al said his employees have not been in a situation requiring use of their weapons during cash runs.

"You got to hope for the best and plan for the worst, essentially. So, we keep a lot of measures and countermeasures that we utilize to do that for us," said the employee.

"How dangerous is this job?" asked 7NEWS Investigative Reporter Amanda Kost.

"There's always a threat, and you don't necessarily know how organized or large the threat is going to be," said the employee.

"People know that there’s a lot of cash in this industry, and that doesn’t really help the dispensaries by any means. So they have to have an asset to help control that, and I think we’re a solution for it," said Al.  "I think it’s better than sending out one of the clerks or one of the managers to go drive around money and hopefully not get robbed or hurt."


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