420 Games coming to Colorado: Athletic events designed to combat 'lazy stoner' stereotype

Pot users are running, biking and golfing in a new series of competitive events designed to prove that marijuana can be part of a productive, healthy lifestyle.

"The 420 Games were established to show that cannabis users are not lazy, unmotivated or 'stoners' and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle," the website states.

The most recent event was a road race in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in August. Founder Jim McAlpine told RunnersWorld he thought about half the runners were high - including the male winner.

"The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis. We are focused on teaching those who choose to do so how to do so in a healthy and responsible manner," McAlpine states on the website. "We are equally focused on education and prevention for those who should not use cannabis, most importantly minors."

"We do advocate that cannabis can be a positive and helpful part of a productive and athletic person’s lifestyle," the website states.

"Our events are NOT ‘smoke ins’. If you choose to use marijuana before, during or after our events, please make sure to do so discretely, legally and respectfully. All of us are responsible people who want to change the outlook on cannabis use," McAlpine wrote.

The 420 Games website says they expect to hold six to eight events in 2015 - including one in Colorado. The date, location and details of the Colorado event have not been released.

"We will announce more dates/locations soon," the website states.

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