2 agencies investigate Pot Pavilion illnesses at Denver County Fair

DENVER - Was a manufacturing process to blame for illnesses linked to chocolate samples at the Denver County Fair, or did the candy contain marijuana? Two agencies share the responsibility for finding the answer to that question.

Several visitors to the fair's Pot Pavilion reported becoming ill after sampling a vendor's chocolate. At least two claim they tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, after becoming ill and going to the hospital.

The pavilion was not supposed to have any real pot products available.

At least one person, Longmont resident Jordan Coombs, is suing the manufacturer, Beyond Broadway LLC.

"We did send a team over to conduct an investigation last week," said Danica Lee, of Denver Environmental Health.

The investigation she is referring to is like a restaurant inspection. It does not try to determine if THC was in the chocolate.

"Whenever there is an outbreak associated with food, we conduct an environmental health investigation," Lee explained.

The examination of the drug content, or if there was any, falls to another division.

"We can go into any licenses premise that has marijuana on it and if we have reason to believe there might be an issue with the safety of that product, we can require that it be tested," explained Lewis Koski, Director of Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division.

If the division decides to test the chocolate, they will hire an outside lab to determine if THC is present.

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