Marijuana tax revenues starting to help select school improvement projects

As marijuana revenues trickle into the state, slow to meet projections, a few Colorado school districts are among the first to see some impact from the state's new funds.

The state Department of Education's program to fund capital projects — known as Building Excellent Schools Today, or BEST, grants — had received more than $1.1 million from marijuana taxes in May when it made the annual award recommendations.

The largest grant awarded in May was a $24.9 million financed grant to the Morgan County School District Re-3 to replace a middle school.

Of the cash grants, the largest was one for more than $3 million to Pueblo County School District 70 for fire and safety improvements to bring schools to code so an ongoing expansion project at a high school can continue.

Aurora Public Schools received two grants — the first time being approved for more than one per year. One is to replace a part of a roof at a high school and the other for mechanical work at one of the district's oldest schools.

Some school officials say there's a misconception about where the pot money is going - read more from our partners at The Denver Post: