Man's fake surveillance cameras stolen before he can install them

DENVER - Thieves are hitting the Washington Park West neighborhood but the latest theft made one homeowner laugh.

To help deter crime, Brian Schwarz ordered three fake surveillance cameras and security stickers for his house on Pearl Street.

"They were $7 apiece, so I thought it was a good investment," Schwarz told 7NEWS.

The fake cameras were shipped to Schwarz but the box was stolen from homeowner's front porch before he arrived home from work.

Marshall Zelinger: "You're a victim of what you were trying to prevent."

Brian Schwarz: "Right, but I guess I like the image of the thief sitting on his living room floor thinking he hit the jackpot and all he gets is three fake surveillance cameras with fake stickers. That's delicious irony."

7NEWS has been tracking multiple thefts in the Washington Park West area.  In the last month, there were 14 burglaries or car break-ins reported to Denver Police. In the last 12 months, there have been almost 150 reported thefts.

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