Man survives two consecutive grizzly bear attacks

Posted at 5:39 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 19:39:46-04

MONTANA -- An outdoors enthusiast in Montana is eternally grateful after surviving two consecutive grizzly bear attacks just moments away from one another. 

Todd Orr said he hiked in Madison Valley on Oct. 1, and only three miles into his hike, he encountered a female bear with her cubs. 

The bear initially ran away, he said, but turned around and ran towards the hiker. He attempted to make noise and convey he wasn't a threat to her cubs, but he bear was upon him in moments. 

Instinct took over, Orr said, as he fell on his stomach and defended his vulnerable head and neck with his hands, arms and elbows. 

As he laid there, the bear eventually stopped biting and scratching him. 

That's when he got up and began making his way towards his car, despite multiple puncture wounds that were gushing blood. 

As he neared his car, that same bear appeared again and pounced for an attack. 

Orr took similar defensive actions, but feared for the worst. The bear's attack was similarly vicious, biting through bone, scratching and this time, damaging Orr's head. 

Eventually, the bear's attack again subsided. Despite the further loss of blood, Orr limped to his car and called the hospital to let them know he was en route.

Of course, Orr also made time to call his significant other, but did not want to alarm her of the traumatic events. 

After being admitted to the hospital, Orr said he's amazed he didn't incur more injuries. He's expecting to make a full recovery. 

Watch Orr recount the attack in the video below, but beware it is graphic in nature. 


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