Man finds strange woman in his apartment cooking

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man in Colorado Springs told police he woke up Wednesday and found a woman in his apartment cooking herself breakfast.

It happened about 3 a.m. at the Fountain Hill Apartments on Fountain Boulevard.

Police said the woman apparently got into the apartment through an unlocked door.

While the woman was gone when officers arrived, but it didn't take long to find her.

Officers said while they were investigating the breakfast-cooker, they got a call about a burglary in progress less than 0.2 miles away.

When officers arrived in the 900 block of Hutchinson Drive, a man told police he caught a woman trying to break into house.

The man was able to hold the woman until officers arrived.

Police said she was the same suspect who was cooking breakfast down the street.

Officers said the woman tried to lie about her name but when they figured out who she was, they determined that she had three felony warrants.

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