Man detained, pushed by police at Coors Field

Legal expert: doesn't appear excessive

DENVER - It's video that's now gone viral on the web. A fan being shoved by a Denver police officer at Coors Field earlier this week.

Is it excessive force, or an obnoxious, belligerent fan?

The incident was caught on camera by another fan with a cell phone. It shows the fan being detained. It has been shared 17,000 times on Facebook.

At :12 seconds into the video, you hear an exchange between the fan and the officer.

Officer: "Answer the question. Is that good with you?"

Fan: "Officer, I'm trying to voice my opinion and I have more than a yes or no answer. Would you allow me to answer your question with more or a yes or no question?"

Officer: "OK, let's hear it. Sit down. Sit down."

The officer pushes the fan into a chair against the railing.

Fan: "Officer, that is abuse of your (inaudible)."

At this point in the video, it turns into a shouting match and then the fan is handcuffed.

Officer: "You didn't listen, did you? You didn't listen."

Bystander: "You have absolutely no right."

Officer: "Shut-up and get out of here."

Fan: "Do we have this on video?"

Officer: "All he had to do was shut-up and he would have left."

7NEWS showed the video to Joe Sandoval, a criminology professor at Metro State University of Denver.

"He seemed to be visibly intoxicated," said Sandoval. "Under the influence of something. What it was, I don't know."

Denver police issued 7NEWS this statement: "The police department has been notified of the incident involving one of our officers. Our internal affairs bureau is aware of the incident and is currently investigating."

Sandoval said it's unclear what led up to the moments you see on video.

A friend of the fan who was detained posted this comment on Facebook:

"ok so the staff assume some of us were drinkin underage ( we had a group of 10) but all of us are at least 21 the dumb lady was holding my ID along with my friend alex aka the one in the video. they would not give them back after they checkd and so alex requested to speak to a officer and I started recording right as they started the conversation. alex was just trying to answer the officers question with more than yes or no anwser... I just found out there was one person I guess that got caught being underage but I have no clue who he is"

"The police officers have an obligation, very broadly, to maintain order," said Sandoval. "And to enforce the law."

Coors Field house rules state: "Impaired or intoxicated guests will be assisted in a prompt, respectful and safe manner."

Officer: "How much have you had to drink?"

Fan: 'I've had three beers at Coors Field in Colorado of the United States of America. I'm 22-years-old. My birthday is February 15, 1992. That places me at 22-years-old in the United States of America. And here you are reprimanding an American citizen for doing nothing but providing himself with the freedom of the United States of America."

At that point, a friend tells "Alex" to be quiet.

Friend: "Alex, if you keep running your mouth you're going to be in even more big trouble. You need to shut the hell up."

Police said the fan was escorted out out of the stadium and was not ticketed.

See the entire video on Facebook.

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