Man caught upskirting women in dressing rooms at three metro area malls

Park Meadows, Cherry Creek, Flat Irons

LONE TREE, Colo. -- Lone Tree police say they arrested a man for upskirting women in dressing rooms at three metro area malls after one of the victims caught him videotaping her at Park Meadows Mall.

"For him to take it upon himself to record it for what was a fraternity prank is just disgusting," said the victim who asked us to protect her identity.  

Investigators said they charged Mitchell McCall, 21, with several counts of misdemeanor invasion of privacy for sexual gratification after twenty partially nude videos were found on his phone.  

According to a search warrant, the videos were taken from Park Meadows, Cherry Creek and Flat Irons malls.

The victim said she now wants to warn others.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said. "I saw the back of it looked like an iPhone directly peering right at me."

The woman said she was on a shopping trip at Forever21 in Park Meadows mall in February when her mom first noticed something odd in the stall next to her.

"She kicked the jacket back under the stall next to me," she said.

In that jacket was a phone, recording her from in-between the two dressing rooms.

"All I could think was, 'oh my gosh, is this going to be all over the internet,'" the victim said.

"She saw him in the act of taking these videos and contacted the police department," said Kristen Knoll, a spokeswoman with Lone Tree Police.

The District Attorney's Office said McCall has accepted a plea deal and will be sentenced on Oct. 24.  

The victim says the incident has changed her outlook on life and she now hopes her story can help others.

"The dressing room, the gym, it doesn't matter where I am - I'm always worried that, 'ok, is there a camera anywhere?'" she said. "I think it's just really important for everyone to take a step back and realize we sadly live in a world where people do things like this."


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