Man accused of bar hopping on lawnmower facing DUI, habitual traffic offender charges

GREELEY, Colo. - You just can't make this stuff up.

A 53-year-old Weld County man accused of bar hopping in Garden City on a lawnmower is facing a DUI charge and is accused of being a habitual traffic offender. In fact, records show that in addition to driving drunk between bars on his lawnmower, witnesses reported Kenneth Welton was driving the wrong way.

Welton, who turned 53 earlier this month, was pulled over by a Sheriff's Deputy around 10 p.m. Tuesday night in the area of 2750 8th Ave. in Garden City. The deputy was sent to the area after receiving reports of a lawnmower being driven southbound on the northbound side of 8th Ave.

On the affidavit in support of Welton's arrest, the deputy checked that he exhibited every listed sign of intoxication on the form -- bloodshot, watery eyes; odor of alcohol on his breath; difficulties with motor skills; and slurred speech. The deputy also added one of his own, noting that Welton allegedly "couldn't stand without falling or support."

He also refused roadside sobriety testing or a roadside breathalyzer test, the affidavit shows.

According to the affidavit, Welton told the deputy he only had two drinks at the bar. A witness, however, reported seeing him drive away from the Good Time Towne Tavern on the lawnmower and a bartender at the White Horse Inn reported Welton was drunk when he arrived there.

Lastly, the affidavit states that Welton is designated as a habitual traffic offender.

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