Lyons prepared for the rain storm, but not yet repaired from the flooding

LYONS, Colo. - Hit hard by the flooding last September, the Town of Lyons still has a long way to go. The good news is that barring a very heavy precipitation scenario, town leaders feel prepared for the rain falling this week.

"The rain from last night, about midnight through this morning, was about an inch of rain," Town Finance Director Tony Cavalier estimated.

Cavalier said that the town gathered sandbags in advance of the rain and brought in dirt to fill areas that might have otherwise caused trouble. When 7NEWS visited Wednesday morning, our cameras spotted those makeshift berms along Highway 36 and heavy equipment maintaining the barrier.

"This is the largest storm we've had," he added. "We're fortunate it didn't happen during peak runoff."

The river, Cavalier said, can handle a five-year flood. He was more concerned about the streets.

"What we're concerned about is heavy rainfall per hour that would cause the runoff on the streets and right of ways to flood local areas," Cavalier said. "Four inches or five inches in a couple of hours will cause that localized flooding."

Since the flooding in September 2013, Lyons has made many temporary infrastructure repairs. So many, in fact, that Cavalier says they've barely been able to start the permanent replacements.

Cavalier also explained that a capital improvement project at 2nd and Park, which began before the 2013 flood, was nearly ready to be paved this week. The current rainstorm put a hold on that plan, because of standing water and mud in the area.

"We have a long way to go -- years," Cavalier said about the flood repair process.

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