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Lowriding has gone on for decades in Denver and doesn't appear it's going anywhere

Posted at 5:56 PM, Aug 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-25 20:18:54-04

DENVER — Hundreds of people cruised down Federal Boulevard in lowriders Sunday afternoon.

It began at Columbus Park with a cultural dance and ended at Barnum Park.

Joey Mendiola, who has been riding for years, says it means more to him than just cars.

"Lowriding is what we do," Mendiola said. "It's our life. It's kind of the way we live. It's a family thing. We do this all as a family."

Recently, lowriding was in the spotlight after one neighbor in the area of Barnum Park complained about the noise.

Since then, local representatives have backed lowriders in the community saying it's part of what the community looks like.

Mendiola says he wants new people who move into the neighborhood to understand they've been doing this for decades.

"We have to be respectful of one another," he said. "We have to be respectful of the community that we're cruising in, which would mean not speeding, not running red lights and be respectful with the noise level."