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Louisville-based company conducted structural monitoring during move of collapsed FIU bridge

Posted: 3:40 PM, Mar 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-16 01:12:46Z

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Louisville-based engineering company BDI performed structural monitoring in recent days during the moving of the bridge that collapsed Thursday at Florida International University.

At least eight cars were smashed and eight people were transported to area hospitals when the bridge, which was only installed Saturday, collapsed onto the roadway below Thursday.

According to CNN , the $14.2 million bridge was designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and last for upwards of 100 years.

After the bridge collapsed, BDI deleted a tweet that was sent March 12 in which the company touted its structural monitoring of the bridge while it was moved. But the tweet was captured by a Miami reporter before it was deleted.

“We are thrilled to have performed structural monitoring during a spectacular bridge move by #barnhartcrane at #FIU #Miami. Congratulations to BCR on a job well done, we always appreciate being part of the team!” the tweet said.

Thursday, the company, which is based in Colorado but has additional offices in New York, Boise, New Orleans and the United Kingdom, sent a statement saying it had removed the tweet “out of respect for the individuals and families that have been affected by the collapse.”

“We are deeply saddened to hear that the pedestrian bridge has collapsed at FIU. Our hearts go out to the individuals and families that have been affected by the collapse,” the company additionally said in a statement sent to Denver7 Thursday afternoon.

Several hours later, the company released yet another statement, stating they wanted to clarify their role on the Florida International University bridge project. 

To clarify BDI’s role on the Florida International University bridge project, we worked as a subcontractor to Barnhart Crane and Rigging. BDI was contracted to conduct monitoring while the bridge was moved into place. BDI was not involved in the bridge’s design or construction and no BDI personnel or equipment were onsite at the time of the incident.

Our hearts go out to the individuals and families that have been affected by this incident. The safety of the communities where we live and work is always our top priority, and BDI is committed to fully assisting with the ongoing investigation.

The company, which has been active since 1989, describes itself as a "consulting and manufacturing firm that has been providing high quality instruments and testing and monitoring services." Its website says its engineers "develop instrumentation plans, execute testing, and perform sophisticated analytical modeling."

Authorities said Thursday afternoon that they could not say how many people were injured or killed in the collapse. Read more on the bridge collapse here.