Loose moose tranquilized after wandering into Arvada neighborhood

ARVADA, Colo. – A loose moose is back in the hills after he wandered into an Arvada homeowner’s backyard Sunday morning.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers tranquilized the animal and relocated the 7-foot moose back to where he belongs.

The nearly 800-pound moose apparently couldn’t stop eating and munched his way down from Standley Lake, where he was last seen Saturday, to John Talley's Arvada home near West 78th Avenue and Marshall Street.

Talley thought he’d seen it all, but boy was he wrong.

“He was pretty big,” Talley described.

The Arvada man was taking out the trash when he discovered the unexpected guest with wildlife officials hot on its track.

“I said 'what's going on?' And they said, 'you have a moose in your backyard,'” Talley said.

After wildlife officers tranquilized the moose, he was moved to a trailer where he was given an antidote to counter the sedative effects of the tranquilizer.

“It takes about five minutes for the tranquilizer to kick in,” said Jordan Likes, district manager for Westminster.

As the moose revived, wildlife officers kept him cool and hosed him down with water. He was then transported back to his habitat. On Monday, they tweeted video of his successful release back into the wild.

Likes said this is the third moose they’ve seen in the metro area this year. The juveniles are kicked loose by their parents and come into town looking for food and water.

“He probably followed all the canals and drainage ditches down to here,” Likes said. 

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