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Looking for Layla: The doll left in the back of a Denver pedicab

Posted at 4:27 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 19:52:15-04

DENVER — A family afternoon at a Rockies game Sunday turned to heartbreak for a little girl, who left her prized baby doll in the back of a pedicab. Now the search is on to find her prized possession.

“It’s a doll but to Clare, yes, it’s a really baby,” the girl’s mom, Lane Cutler, told Denver7.

Clare is 9 years old. Her doll’s name is Baby Layla.

“She loves to dress her in different outfits,” Lane said. “She loves to carry the baby around like it’s a real baby.”

Which is why losing the doll has been so tough on Clare.

“She has been really upset looking for the baby. She’s been trying to flag down pedicab drivers on the street and stop random people in the street and asked if they’ve seen anything,” Lane said.

The two even put up missing posters near Coors Field, hoping someone found the doll and can return it.

“Hopefully the driver would have seen it and held on to it and we can get in touch with him,” she hoped.

If you know anything about the missing doll, email