Dougco churches request more safety information

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 21:04:18-04

More and more churches are reaching out to law enforcement officials for tips on how to stay safe.

"We trust the safety of the church environment and it's that trust that makes those people the most vulnerable,” said George Brauchler, District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District.

Brauchler says now days church attacks are a harsh part of reality.

“From 1980 to 2005 there were over 139 church shootings in the United States,” said Brauchler.

Brauchler, along with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, plan to speak to church leaders on how to respond in case of an attack at the upcoming Saturday’s Church Safety summit.  

So far, more than 20 local churches have requested information on safety from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“They need to know ahead of time what they should be doing, have it planned out and have it practiced out,” said Holly Nicholson-Kluth, the undersheriff of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Rock Church pastor Mike Polhemus says the attacks have pushed many of his congregation to carry a weapon. He has a 15-man security team and is hoping what his church learns at the safety summit could help his congregation’s mind on God, instead of constant fear.

"It allows them to come and worship and not to be concerned and not to feel like they have to carry a gun," said Rock Church Pastor, Mike Polhemus.

The summit will be held at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch.