Larimer County begins spraying for mosquitoes in Fort Collins to prevent West Nile virus

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Mosquito spraying at area parks has begun in Fort Collins and in greater Larimer County, but the two have very different policies when it comes to preventing West Nile virus.

Fort Collins won't spray until there are two positive human cases of the virus.

Larimer County said it will spray in areas where mosquitos have tested positive.

"You can't expect us to be doing all the larvae sighting and you can't expect us to run the monitoring systems and you get to cherry pick when you determine it to be a problem, when there's no science that backs you up," said Gerry Horak with the Fort Collins City Council.

"Spraying is really kind of our last line of defense in our mosquito control program, and we have not only the authority to take measures, but we also have the responsibility to protect public health," said Kim Meter-Lee, an epidemiologist with the Larimer County Health Department.

This is the first time Larimer County has stepped in to spray in Fort Collins in 25 years.

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