Lakewood startup wants to farm your yard for free

Micro Farms plants gardens instead of grass

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - A Lakewood-based startup company is farming front and back yards for free and sharing the fruits of their labor with the homeowners.

Sean Conway is a different kind of lawn guy; instead of planting grass, he plants gardens.

"Our goal is to get more gardens in people's yards," said Sean Conway, the owner of Micro Farms. "You pay for the water. I'll put in a drip irrigation system. I'll plant everything. I'll harvest everything. I'll pull all the weeds."

He gives the yard owner a share of the -- literally -- home-grown produce and then sells the rest at local farmers markets and food stands.

Conway's mother, Karen Conway, was the first to volunteer her yard for a farm in what has become a family business.

"I would much rather be watering food somebody can eat," she said while shelling beans to sell to a local chef. "Plus, I love the food is just do delicious when you get it freshly picked out of the yard."

The business started in the spring, and after the first season, Sean Conway said he is convinced it could be profitable.

Currently gardening in nine yards, he has focused on family and friends, but he is looking to expand in the Jefferson County area next season.

Ultimately, his idea is to inspire others to change the way food is produced one yard at a time -- you can't get more local than that.

To find out where Conway is selling his Micro Farms produce, check out his Facebook page.

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