Lakewood homeowner still waiting for HOA to repair damaged condo, months after lightning-strike fire

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - A Lakewood homeowner wants answers from her homeowners association about why her condo hasn't been fixed months after it was damaged by a lightning-sparked fire.

On May 8, Marre Whisenand's condo complex located on Depew Street was struck by lightning that ignited a fire causing significant damage to her unit and the roof of the building.

Almost three months later Whisenand says her condo remains unlivable and there is still a giant hole in the roof.

"I just want to know, what's the compellation date? What's going on?" she said.

Whisenand purchased her Lakewood condo at the end of April with plans of renting it out, but she was hit with a terrible surprise when returned to the property in May.

"I came in and went, 'Really, what happened to everything?'" she said. "I was just shocked."

Whisenand found her entire unit had been stripped down to the studs.

"They called and told me the building was struck by lightning," she explained.

The lightning caused a fire at her complex that forced fire crews to cut a hole in the roof.

"The water all came down from the top-floor unit and they said that's why they had to strip this," Whisenand said.

She understands why they had to strip her unit, but is frustrated with the lack of progress that she said is costing her money.

"There's isn't any excuse when we're coming up on three months to still have a whole in the roof,"  Whisenand said. "There's nothing that can be done, and I'm losing $1,500 a month in income."

Her homeowners association is run by LCM Property Management is responsible for installing new dry wall in her unit. But until the roof is fixed they can't start any work because anytime it rains water still pours into her condo.

"Every week they're telling me, 'Yeah, we're gonna start on your unit next week,'" Whisenand said.

Property manager Jim Cowell told 7NEWS the construction has taken longer than they'd like. He blamed the hold-up on another homeowner.

"I'm not happy and it's not fair," said Whisenand.

She says she's frustrated with the lack of communication and wants the HOA to refund her monthly fees and freeze her monthly dues until they do what they're supposed to.

The HOA said regardless of circumstances, homeowners are required to pay their monthly dues. They hope to start construction on the roof in a few weeks.

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