Kindergartner says bully pushed him under oncoming Denver school bus

Boy: 'He's been mean to me all my life'

DENVER - The mother of a Denver kindergartner is speaking out after she says a bullying incident left her son with a broken foot.

"This kid doesn’t understand that my son could be dead right now," Kristi Stempien told 7NEWS reporter Molly Hendrickson.

It happened last week at her son's bus stop at South Irving Street and West Floyd Avenue. Stempien said a third-grader pushed her son under a Denver Public Schools bus as it pulled to the curb.

"I was going to give my sister a hug and he pushed me and the bus driver was driving along and I fell and it hit me," said 5-year-old Thaddeus Delaney.

The bus ran over his legs, breaking three bones in one foot. He was taken taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

"He's been mean to me all my life," Thaddeus, sitting in a wheelchair with an orange cast on his leg, said of the bully.

"There's gotta be a point where it's gotta stop, it's got to," his mother added.

Stempien said it's not her son's first run-in with the bully and she's worried it won't be the last. She said the principal at Gust Elementary School is working on a prevention plan to make sure the bullying doesn't continue, but Stempien feels more should be done.

"I would like to see this kid either transferred out of the school or even expelled," the mother said.

Denver Police are investigating the incident. The school has not yet received the report.

Right now, young Thaddeus is healing up.

What's he been doing while recuperating?

"Watching cartoons, playing, laying down with my foot up, that's it. 

His mom chimes in, "You've been doing homework, too."

"No I haven't, you're lying!" the boy protests.

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