Denver brewery would hire developmentally disabled to brew beer if Kickstarter campaign works

"I appreciate someone taking a chance on me."

DENVER - A former special education teacher is helping the developmentally disabled find jobs by teaching them how to brew beer, and she even plans to hire some.

Tiffany Fixter has a unique business idea: train and hire the disabled to help her brew beer in a new brewery.

"I was a director of a day program. It was there that I discovered there are not a lot of jobs for people with developmental disabilities," said Fixter.

She's already begun training several people who are interested in entering the field. Tony Saponaro has been without work for a while, but jumped at the opportunity to learn how to brew. 

"I think she gets the training process and we need a little bit more time to do things differently," said Saponaro about Fixter. "I appreciate someone taking a chance on me."

A former special education teacher, Fixter thinks brewing could be something easily learned and equally as captivating for the people she hopes to help. Preparing to brew by cleaning is a large part of the brewing process. Fixter said this could help many with disabilities enter into this line of work.

"I think it's really important to support these adults," said Fixter. "They're supported until 21 and then they're just cut off."

"Tiffany has the background knowledge how to help [people] with differences understand how in life we're going to be able to keep a job hold a job and communicate," said Chris Watson, who has also taken part in the training. "Which is essential in the workforce these days."

The only problem, there is no brewery yet. That's why Fixter has a new Kickstarter to make her dream, and the dreams of those she helps, a reality.

The Kickstarter was just approved Monday morning. Fixter said she'll do whatever she can to make this dream come true.

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