Ken-Caryl man's bird box focus of falcon study on American kestrels

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colorado - Tom Bush thought he'd get some woodpeckers when he put some bird boxes on his home 10 years ago, but instead he might play a part in helping with some significant research.

The Ken-Caryl resident ended up attracting some American kestrels -- the smallest type of falcon at about the size of a dove -- who have returned every year to nest and lay eggs. This year he allowed the Colorado Hawking Club to come out and place bands on the five babies, who hatched about three weeks ago, for tracking purposes.

The small, metallic bands go around the kestrel's foot. They are issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"We can keep track of longevity, migratory patterns and different things if the birds are ever recovered," said Tony Head with the Colorado Hawking Club. Head placed the band on each bird and will file the numbers to a database that keeps track of every bird tracked in the country.


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