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Jodi's Race: A chance to remember, celebrate, and raise awareness

Raising awareness and money to support those impacted by ovarian cancer
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Posted at 3:39 PM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-11 19:31:43-04

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest kind of cancer impacting the female reproductive system, ranking fifth in cancer deaths among women.

On Saturday, the second-largest ovarian cancer run/walk in the country, Jodi's Race for Awareness, took place in City Park. The race was held virtually in 2020 and scaled back in 2021, so being back in person this year was very special for participants.

“People can enjoy the day, whether they're celebrating their survivor or remembering somebody who's died," said Jeanene Smith, the race director of Jodi's Race for Awareness. “I just take a few deep breaths and remember all the women that I've known and loved that have left us... I can feel the power of all those women around me.”

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Race participants include survivors and those currently in treatment for ovarian cancer, who can all find hope in the event.

“I tend to be a glass-half-full kind of person," said Judy Sherman, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2018.

Sherman's cancer has come back twice since her initial diagnosis.

“I specifically didn't look at the stats because I know for ovarian cancer, they're not very good. But, I continue to be optimistic," Sherman said. "I get up every morning and my first choice is, do I get out of bed, or do I stay here? My choice every day is to get out of bed and then the next question is, so what am I going to do?”

There is no screening test for ovarian cancer, so it is important to pay attention to common symptoms which include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain or difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.

Money raised from the race goes to the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA), whose mission is to promote awareness and early detection of ovarian cancer. Donations for Jodi's Race for Awareness are accepted through June 30.