Jefferson County high school students watch over younger kids, walk them home after Jessica Ridgeway

Police partially discount report of hair, clothes

Arvada, Colo - A group of Jefferson County high school students plans to walk younger children home for safety, following the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Alexander Groen, a junior at Pomona High School Junior, came up with the idea of "Jessica's Angels" and presented it to the student council.

"The sadness and sorrow we felt for Jessica, we wanted to turn it into something positive," said Groen.

High school students and their parents will volunteer to walk younger children to school and home to make sure they are safe.

Within days of creating the idea, the Jessica's Angels Facebook page had more than 1,200 likes and hundreds of dollars in donations.

He said the Jeffco school district is now getting involved, so the start-date has been moved to next Monday.

Police checking out leads, discount report

Sunday, police were still actively tracking down leads, including a tip from a woman who found "an item" in a field about a mile from where Ridgeway's body was found.

Police would not comment on what the item was, but said they responded to check it out.

A broadcast news report that the Item was a tuft of blonde hair and that Ridgeway's clothes were in the backpack that was left on a sidewalk was 50 percent "flat out wrong information," Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso told 7NEWS. He said he asked that the information not be released because it would hurt the investigation.




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