Jamestown gets running water after 10 months

40 out of 115 homes have water following floods

JAMESTOWN, Colo. - For the first time in 10 months, some people in flood-devastated Jamestown have running water.

The irony isn't lost on Jamestown resident Kate Dobbertin, who described the sound coming from her faucet as music to her ears.

"It was too much water and then no water," she said with a smile. "My whole relationship with water has changed.

"We are getting the town back up and running," said Erika Rae Archer, the Jamestown Flood Project Manager.

Archer said 40 homes out of 115 now have running water.

The September floods wiped out the area, including the water plant and the water mains -- now being replaced.

"These water mains are amazing," said Resident Deborah Haynes with a shrug. "My whole understanding of beauty has shifted, perhaps."

Since the flood, cisterns were donated to hold drinking water for those who stayed, but residents had to pay $150 for refills.
"People who don't have cisterns have had to bring water up from the creek just so they can flush toilets," said Archer.
The Red Cross brings palettes of drinking water every two weeks, and even homes that now have running water are under a boil order as a precaution.
Still, it's a small victory in a long battle.
"We can do what we want -- take a long shower!" said Haynes.
Town leaders plan to have running water back for the entire town by the beginning of August so that families will come back for the school year.
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