Impromptu protest in Boulder draws both sides in gay marriage fight

BOULDER, Colo. - A protest against the Boulder County clerk issuing marriage licenses to gay couples on Monday grew quickly, drawing people on both sides of the issue.

Boulder Daily Camera reporter Mitchell Byers reported that the protest on the corner of Broadway and Canyon started with one man with a sign and a horn.

Within minutes, there were two people protesting against the clerk and three people with a dissenting view.

Boulder Police responded to Monday's impromptu curbside protest after a woman showed up topless.

Officers told Byers the topless woman was not violating any laws and that the officers just came by to remind protesters to stay out of the walkway.

On June 25, Boulder County clerk Hillary Hall started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples after the 10th Circuit Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. While the court was ruling on a case in Utah and stayed its decision pending an anticipated appeal, Hall said because 10th Circuit decisions are binding in the State of Colorado, the precedent established by a Utah case, Kitchen v. Herbert, is applicable to the same-sex marriage ban contained in the Colorado Constitution.

The Colorado Attorney General disagreed and filed a lawsuit to stop Hall.


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