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'I hate masks': Many Coloradans frustrated, angry over possibility of mask mandate

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 22:12:26-04

DENVER — Anger, frustration and disappointment seem to be shared feelings among many Coloradans with the possibility of mask mandates creeping closer and closer.

"I’m just like do I have to go back to that? But I mean if I have to, I have to. I would prefer not to," Emily Snell said.

CDC recommended this week everyone should wear masks indoors in high transmission areas.

"I just don’t think there’s a need for the government or the governing bodies to get involved in mask mandates for everybody," Zac Buller said.

No mask mandates have been put in place at the state or county levels in Colorado yet.

Some businesses aren't waiting to see if a mandate is put in place, like Weathervane coffee shop in Denver.

"If we kind of nip it in the bud, we have a chance of getting through it quicker," Weathervane co-owner Alex Dalton said.

On Thursday, the owners re-instituted it's old policy requiring customers to wear masks inside the coffee shop. They only have one sign up because they threw away the old ones nearly three months ago.

"It was us just trying to manifest the change — we’re not going to need these anymore," Dalton said.

The owners aren't too worried about the mask policy, believing not enough time has passed since the last mandate.

"I don’t think it should be that big of a deal," Dalton said.

It won't be a big deal for someone like Tara Gigmac, who never stopped wearing her mask.

"I am, in a lot of instances, the only one wearing a mask," Gigmac said.

She says she never felt comfortable when the masks came off, believing the numbers and the chance for transmission didn't add up.

"I was actually kind of surprised they even removed the mask mandate," Gigmac said. To me personally, if you look at vaccination numbers, I’m worried about 50 to 60% overall and 100% of people are not wearing masks."